About L3 MAPPS Ltd.  

L3 MAPPS Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary company of L3 Technologies, Inc. based & registered in the UK. L3 MAPPS Ltd. was created in 2005 and has offices in Barrow, Burgess Hill and Bristol which together currently employ over 140 skilled employees, including Through-Life Support Specialists, Marine Engineers, System and Test Engineers, Specialist Technical Instructors, and Hardware and Software Designers.

L3 MAPPS, with its 25+ year history, provides an extensive infrastructure geared to developing, delivering and fully supporting tailored and cutting-edge technology solutions for the commercial and military marine sectors. L3 MAPPS specialises in the provision of Navigation, Communication, Automation and Training Solutions; with state-of-the-art Integrated Platform Management Systems, full mission simulators, in-service support and commercial marine maritime solutions. L3 MAPPS has so far provided support to military marine ships and vessels, such as Astute Class Submarines, Albion Class Landing Platform Dock, Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier and the Type 26 Global Combat Ship Detail Design and Assessment Phase.

L3 MAPPS also provides Through Life Management (TLM), In-Service-Support and Training for the Astute Class Submarines and Albion Class amphibious ships.

In the Commercial Marine field, as an independent systems integrator offering an extensive range of marine products primarily for navigation, communication and automation systems, L3 MAPPS is focused on supplying and supporting the commercial marine industry with the solutions it needs to productively operate and maintain its vessels and fleets through their lifetimes. L3 MAPPS services cover design, equipment supply, installation, spare parts, maintenance and complete integrated systems for all vessel types. Our extensive experience includes: Superyachts, Cruise Ships, Tankers, Specialist Cable Layers, RoPax Tugs, Offshore vessels and others.