Are you looking for a rewarding apprenticeship with a dynamic company offering vast opportunities?
Do you have an interest in Technical Systems?
Do you have an interest in Engineering but not sure which Engineering Discipline interests you more? 


Here at L-3 Marine Systems UK (MSUK) we are always looking to offer bright, talented and enthusiastic individuals the prospect of building rewarding careers with a world renowned market leader. 
L-3 MSUK employs personnel in a number of niche disciplines including Through Life Support Specialists, Marine Engineers, Specialist Technical Instructors, System and Test Engineers plus Hardware and Software Designers.
L-3 MSUK, with its 25+ year history, provides an extensive infrastructure geared to developing, delivering and fully supporting tailored and cutting-edge technology solutions for the commercial and military marine sectors. L-3 MSUK specialises in the provision of Navigation, Communication, Automation and Training Solutions; with state-of-the-art Integrated Platform Management Systems, full mission simulators, in-service support and commercial marine maritime solutions.
Interested, want to know more? 
The 3-year, Level 3 Higher Engineering Apprenticeship is currently run through Weston-Super-Mare (South West Skills Campus).
Year 1 is spent full time in college with 1 day & half term placements in the Bristol Office. Year's 2 & 3 are spent full time in the office with 1 day placements in college.
As a minimum you will need to have or have at least 5 X GCSE at A-B grade in Mathematics and at A-C grade in subjects including English and an A-C grade in subjects including English and an appropriate Engineering or Science subject (or equivalent). 
Should you be successful, the 3-year Level 3 Higher Engineering Apprenticeship will give you: 
  • BTEC Diploma in Engineering
  • Hands on experience on our current Projects such as Aircraft Carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth & HMS Prince of Wales; Landing Platform Dock Ships, HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark; Astute Submarines; Astute Training Facility and Commercial Shipping, including cruise liners and super-yachts
  • Exposure and experience in each engineering disciplines; including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering; and all company departments and functions
  • A structured training programme
  • Competitive salary
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Travel around the UK (and potentially abroad)
  • Work in office and dockyard environments

Positions for 2017 have now been filled, however we will be advertising again in 2018.