With our 24/7 service contact points, we are available to provide advice and technical support whenever it is needed.

Service coordinators will assist in offering remote diagnostics and advice, or, if necessary, arrange for spare parts or a service response from an engineer. 

Through a network of partners we support a variety of products worldwide, providing you with one point of contact and a reliable company who will take responsibility for your service solution.


Our engineers are also experienced and capable in retrofit and conversion from work on standalone systems, integrated systems, system extensions and upgrades. 

Maintenance Contracts 

To help you control your operating cost, we offer a range of maintenance contracts designed to give you fixed annual operating costs and limit the management of service organisation.


Our service points of contact are via:
24hr Telephone Hotline: +44 (0)8455 049 159 
Service Coordinator: +44 (0)1454 453 285