Naval Training

L3 MAPPS recognises the importance of training for the safe and efficient operation of the ship. Additionally, the benefits to individual crew members in their understanding and belief cannot be underestimated.

In response to the different needs in the training cycle, L3 MAPPS has developed two concurrent training solutions one shore-based, the other ship-based.


The shore-based training solution is focused on system familiarisation, training new crews and upgrading existing crew skills on ship systems.

L3 MAPPS works closely with the customer throughout the development phase from identification of Training Needs to delivery of the Training Solution. We have developed a wide range of Part Task and Full Task Trainers for a variety of system applications, including High Energy Electrical distribution, that is used for the delivery of both Operator and Maintainer training to crew members from different marine platforms, including the Astute Class submarine.


On-board training solutions reinforce what crews have learned during their shore-based training, keeping their skills honed. This training can also incorporate emergency management training and drills that do not pose a danger to the ship.

These highly advanced training solutions can meet your instructional needs, from complete turnkey shore-based training to on-board refresher and practise systems.